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- by Spencer Deal (California)

This is a great companion site to David Barton's wallbuilders.com

Just as you are debunking the myth of Jesus followers not to participate in Politics (Jesus was VERY involved in Politics- the refuted the Sadusees and Pharasees frequently) the Founders were motivated to create a Nation under God. See also the Documentary "Monumental" by Kirk Cameron.

The Pilgrim Fathers left the road map to Liberty, a statue, ....it is still there in a Massachusetts Suburb for the World to see!

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I don't think much of David Barton -- by Mo

Thanks, but i have to say i don't think much of David Barton.

I think he is very often, very wrong about his history.

David Barton is a Fraud -- by Jon Serena

David Barton is a fraud.

Christians Involved -- by devilsinbaggypants

We only need to go back to Sodom and Gomorrah to see what happens when the righteous don't get involved with the decision making process and take a stand on what they believe. Their legal system of that day, political leaders, rulers and like-minded people determined the evil, depravity, abominations, homosexuality, sexual immorality and much more, much like what America is doing today. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. The left is taking our Constitution apart little by little.

The American people are selling themselves out to an administration that from the very beginning of his presidency thinks we can spend our way out of debt, apologizes to countries that hate us as though we are at fault, wants to bring America down so that we don't look at America as a sovereign nation, but as a nation of the world where we are equal to or subordinate to other nations or the U.N. The president has polarized America even more since he was elected by class warfare and demonizing Christianity while uplifting other religions, especially Islam.

If there is a line-in-the-sand, America has crossed it when it comes to our morals, embracing pagan religions and suppressing the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to include our lack of really supporting Israel. God is already judging America with earthquakes, fire, drought, flood, strong winds, pestilence, strife in our cities, our economic condition, and our decline as a world power. All of these things are happening at once. Something that has never happened in my over 50 years of life.

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