Did You Know?

- by Mo (Montclair, VA)

Did You Know?

Social security -- easy fix!

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Simple Fix and would Work -- by Vickie Janik

This is such a simple fix and would work, why not give it a chance?

Close that Gap -- by Marta Garcia

If this is correct, how can we organize ourselves to close that gap?

Don't Need or Want -- by Janice A. Harbaugh

See, billionaires & millionaires don't need or want social security, and so they can't figure out why anybody else wouldn't want to make their own as well.

Vote Democrat -- by Mo

Marta Garcia -- what can I say -- most Democrats support this idea, no Republicans do. So..vote Democrat --- and let your voice be heard.

Never Vote for Republicans -- by Vickie Janik

I will never vote for Republicans.....they have exposed their true colors, and who they really are for, not the middle class!

Change after a few Elections -- by Mo

I'm with you Vickie, but they may change after a few elections.

Lie about Social Security -- by Vickie Janik

Thank God for Gospel Politics! It is about time that people are finally hearing the truth.... Hopefully more of us will gain more wisdom and discernment in weeding out the lies.

The biggest lie about social security is that it is going broke! Right now there is a surplus! That it is adding to the deficit. Not true!

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