Enough is Enough!

- by Mo (Montclair, VA)

Walmart is now forcing employees to work on Thanksgiving. Enough is enough!


Enough is Enough!

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They Get Treated Like Shit - by Carlton Donaghe

It's not just that they have to work on those holidays-- that's been going on for years-- it's that they get treated like shit, paid wages too low to live on, and the healthcare packages they're offered are a joke. I know, I used to work there.

Get Political People! - by Ronald Eide

A GOP would say "They should be thankful they have a job."

Don't forget to vote the primary election in 2 yrs!
President Obama cannot do it on his own. Love to see more color in congress. Get political people! Time to just say "NO" to the say no party.

Most Walmart Employees are not Paid Enough - by Mo

It's not just about this issue -- it's about the whole package at Walmart and how that hurts all of us as the taxpayer is left to pay the bills (health care, education, roads, etc) for the low paid Walmart employees who can't pay for those things.

Most Walmart employees are not paid enough to even pay taxes at all... It's an example of a big problem in our country and economic system.

What is this about "more color in congress"? - by Jeffrey A. Mallory

Who is forcing anyone to work at Walmart? @RE: What is this about "more color in congress" [sic]? What, pray tell, does color have to do with it. As I recall, it's quality of character, not color, that's important.

One's color does not necessarily increase a person's trustworthiness, integrity, reliability. Sounds like something out of the racist deep South about fifty or sixty years ago.

Deep South - by Ronald Eide

Dear Jeffrey, your right on about age, but to use the same logic based on a false definition of "color" & based on your quick use of term word "racist" along without "deep South"

Its "what!" - by Ronald Eide

Sorry, got interrupted. I'm born & raised in Minnesota. My son married a wonderful younger lady from Etheopia. Noticed your from the beautiful state of Georgia.

Not to surprise by to see a pic of Newt Gingrich pop up on your sight. Lets see, actually wrote these words & phrases down they sounded so good.

"quality of character"

Was it Newts third wife that got a little upset with him, whent to the media complaining about he telling her he wanted an open marriage?

I'm sure you voted wisely.

So thank you.

The President thanks you.
His wife thanks you.
His two beautiful daughters thanks you.
In fact the majority of the people in all of America thanks you.
Just getting ready for a great Thanks Giving day!
Jeffrey are there any wild turkeys in Georgia?

Oh ya, I'm old enough to remember Milton. Looked up his bio, he even inspired Greenspan, how held the hand of Reagan, Bush... right down the primrose path of, oh well if your not getting it now.

Its not "who" is forcing people to work for un- livable wages at Walmart! Its "what!"

Forced to work at Wal-Mart - by Carlton Donaghe

Jeffrey, you say that no one is forced to work at Wal-Mart, but the sad state of affairs is that sometimes that's the only choice left available to some people. When Wal-Mart moves into a lot of small towns, they often put locally-owned businesses out of work. Those businesses kept money in the community, and they advertised in the local paper.

Wal-Mart doesn't do this. They siphon money out of the community and they don't advertise locally, except on TV. The money that would have stayed in the community would have built local jobs. And listen, if someone is reduced to taking a job at Wal-Mart, that person doesn't have the resources to get up and move to go where there are jobs. That's a luxury a lot of people simply don't have.

Employees of Walmart Use - by Mo

Jeffrey, I'd like to know who you think should pay for the schools, health care, roads, police, defense, fire department, etc that those employees of walmart use?

Walmart own Walmart - by Jeffrey A. Mallory

@RE: I have no idea what you are talking about. I have links to Obama on my page, too, so what do you devine from that? At least Friedman has a real Nobel Prize, and I'll bet you've never read what he wrote. Just a guess. @CD: Walmart: Sad isn't it, that trains replaced horses and buggies and airplanes replaced trains. If we used your policy, maybe we'd still plow wheat with oxen.

Since when do the workers at Walmart own Walmart or their jobs with Walmart. If there's no demand for what Walmart sells at the price for which they offer it, people will not shop there. In the meantime, it's demand that keeps the doors open. If you don't want to shop there, don't shop there, but you have no right to impose on others the same behavior.

Ethiopian daughter-in-law - by Jeffrey A. Mallory

I don't know what point you are trying to make about having an Ethiopian daughter-in-law, but that's way cool. It might surprise you that this proud Southerner has Hispanics strewn throughout his family, some from Dominican Republic (where I've actually lived), some from Ecuador, some from Colombia, so you are not trumping me with the "I'm more open-minded than you are because I have minorities in my family" nonsense.

Here's an idea: You and all like-minded people [there should be plenty to pick from among the 99%] form an alliance [God forbid you call it a corporation, cause we all know those are evil, capitalistic organizations bent on destroying the masses] and see if you can make a go of it.

Do all those wonderful "social" things you advocate. Set an example for all to follow. Your, ah, business model (pardon me) will catch on because people will recognize your goodness, and that's all you really need to stay viable, right? You, my friend, will become famous overnight! Go for it!

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