Free those who are Abused!

- by Mo (Virginia)

"I'll tell you what it really means to worship the Lord. Remove the chains of prisoners who are chained unjustly. Free those who are abused! Share your food with everyone who is hungry; share your home with the poor and homeless. Give clothes to those in need."

- Isaiah 58: 6-7

Comments for Free those who are Abused:

Gather thy riches -- by William C Holmans

Naaah, that ain't it...I'm purty shure it goes, "Gather thy riches while thou canst, because you can't take it with you"...

Agree with your statement -- by Lee Edwards

I agree with your statement except for the third sentence. Do not alter the word of God to further your own agenda.

Carlton Donaghe -- by Anonymous

Lee, the KJV and the NIV both agree with this post. The jot and tittle might not be identical, but the spirit is right on. Perhaps you need to stop reading the Republican version, which is identical to what the Sadducees and Pharisees were preaching in Jesus' time.

Take some Liberties in Expression -- by Tim Ricard

The translation is CEV Contempory English Version, which does seem to take some liberties in expression, but the meaning remains the same. I read though a number of translations and all of them agree to the central meaning.

You should read what Jesus had to Say to the Hypocrites -- by Carlton Donaghe

I think I've studied the Bible well enough to know exactly what I'm talking about. You strike me as a Republican, and those folks would know Jesus if he bit them in the ass. It's like Tony Perkins, who has tried to argue that Jesus is a free market capitalist. What a liar he is, and a son of perdition. Instead of blowing off your mouth when you don't really have a clue as to what you're saying, why don't you get down on your knees and repent. God knows you need it.

Also, if you think my words are a little harsh, you should read what Jesus had to say to the hypocrites. It make me sound mild.

Conservative Christian Oppression -- by Mo

Ouch, true Carlton, but sometimes love works as well. you can take that from someone (me) who I fear is often too harsh as well. I fully understand where that harshness comes from. It comes from years of listening and watching while self-righteous hypocritical bullies have largely taken over the Christian church and generally harmed many people and the name of Jesus in the process. Too many people have left the church entirely because of conservative Christian oppression. So, I understand well. Still, it is usually best to at least start with love. I think.

I also think most conservative Christians are good people. Most of my family is composed of conservative Christians. They are misled; they are scared to think differently than they are told to think. But, they really are good people doing the best they can.

Their leaders? That's a different story. Jesus would be casting them out of the temple were he here.

Jesus Preached Love and Forgiveness to Every Person -- by Carlton Donaghe

As long as our modern day "Christian" church allows itself to be associated with people like Ralph Reed and Tony Perkins, I'd die before I called myself a Christian.

But one thing I learned from reading the Gospels-- Jesus preached love and forgiveness to every person and every group he encountered but one, and when he did speak to them and about them, he spoke in anger and with contempt. And there was a reason why he did.

Hate is can only Hurt -- by Tim Ricard

Carlton, interesting you are committing the same sin as those you are condemning. Hate is can only hurt.

I hate no one, that is my policy, albeit conservative, liberal, libertarian, Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Black, White.

Jesus also was Angry often -- by Mo

I liked you both cause I understand where you each are coming from. if possible, you both are right. I don't think Carlton hates, he's just angry.

As he says, Jesus also was angry often at the pharisees and saducees. But, we don't know enough about Deborah (for instance) to lump her in that group. And, of course, we all have to be careful not to be too self-righteous ourselves. It's a fine line that, believe me, I struggle with all the time.

Gospel of Jesus is NEW Testament -- by Lauretta Jenkins

Isaiah is OLD Testament . . . . the Gospel of Jesus is NEW testament and there IS a difference -- more love and less punishment for one.

Proclaiming to be a Person of God -- by Danielle Napolis

@ carlton ...I hope that you aren't too proud of yourself for proclaiming to be a person of God using such language and being judgmental and harsh. Because the God I serve doesn't send that message. Praying for you.

Don't Confuse the Message -- by Stephen Connell

Don't confuse the message with the messengers. Matthew 7:1-2. Do not judge, or you too will be judged,and with the measure you use,it will be measured to you.

It is o.k. to try, in a loving way,to explain Jesus's message. It's hard then to let God judge at the proper time,and simply remain faithful to the word.

Worship is still Good -- by Timothy Glier

Not too many needy folks in America. Worship is still good, and it's good for believers to gather together at their church and listen to one who is educated and spends their life studying what they believe.

It is Good to Gather in Church -- by Mo

I think the main point is that worship has very little to do with what happens in church on Sunday mornings. so, if that is all (or even most) worship is to someone, well, it's not true worship at all.

Timothy Glier -- sure it is good to gather in church. But, it's not really the truest form of worship. I only wish more churches explained that better. And explained what Isaiah said worship was all about.

Developing a Relationship with Christ -- by Stephen Connell

Church is or should be about developing a relationship with Christ, and that you take with you where ever you go. It is good to gather with other believers in church,at your house, in a field any place to praise, worship, pray, fellowship etc.

This is done most;y at church because time is already set aside for it in our busy schedules. My pastor always says it is not about religion,but about a relationship. Most people that are turned off at a church that goes through the motions and becomes religion with no real communion with the Lord and it turns people off.

Jesus tore up the temple and made the point,it's not about the letter of the law but the spirit of the law. Evil is waiting to divide and conquer any way he can, to keep us from really getting a hold of the Spirit because when we all truly do this Evil is finished. He was already defeated by Christ for us at Calvary, we just have to realize it.

Then going to church is something you can't wait to do, it's like going to your girlfriend's house when you were first in love, that's what worship should feel like. Not condemnation or mindless rules, bickering, gossip all the things that divide us and take away the power available to us. God Bless everyone seeking an answer here and everywhere. Amen

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