Getting SINNERS Saved from Hell

- by Stanley W. Sloan (Belfast, United Kingdom)

Jesus only concern is getting SINNERS saved from hell no matter what they are, everyone, s a sinner first .John 3 V 16.

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What about the Kingdom of God? -- by Mo

What about the kingdom of God? Did Jesus care about that? And what about injustice, adultery, hunger, sickness -- did Jesus care about those things? Of course.

Stanley, your post is a good example of how the modern evangelical (mostly conservative) only gets part of the story.

Jesus not Man -- by Stanley W. Sloan

But what causes all these awful things to happen .SIN . ALL have sinned and come short of God,s glory, the word of God hasn't changed but today men tell God He's wrong. We listen to Jesus not man ,John 3 v 16 is still true.

Don't try to change God,s word about murdering babies, homosexuals, SIN is SIN and only by accepting Jesus as your personal Saviour and trust Him will you be forgiven ,He still forgives the sinner if they ask Him.

Indeed Sin is Sin -- by Mo

Indeed sin is sin, you can read more about it at and

Why are conservatives so stuck on 2 issues? Is it because they feel righteous talking about things others do, rather than considering their own sin?

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