God bless America

- by Mo (Virginia)

The Religious Right may have been the biggest losers in the 2012 election. I'm speaking specifically of groups like James Dobson's Focus on the Family and the Southern Baptist Convention.

They went 0-3 on marriage equality, with same-sex marriage passing in Maine and Maryland and a bid to pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting same sex marriage lost in Minnesota.

They heavily supported Socially conservative Senate candidates like Richard Murdock and Todd Akin -- both of whom LOST in heavily Republican states. The Dems incredibly, gained Senate seats despite defending 23 of 33 seats. The GOP won only 8 of 33 Senate seats contested in 2012. To make matters worse for the Religious Right, most Republicans have concluded that those very conservative candidates hurt the party nationally.

The Religious Right opposed Barack Obama more loudly and caustically than perhaps any other group. Obviously, Obama won despite a weak economy and many vulnerabilities and became the first Democratic President since Roosevelt to get over 50% of the vote in two consecutive elections.

And, the future looks even bleaker for the Religious Right as Obama won the youth and hispanic votes by over 30%.

There is an opportunity for the Christian left (joined by moderates) to assert itself. But, we must not make the same mistakes as the Right made. And, we won't.

God bless America. The future look brighter than the past or present.

Comments for "God bless America":

Christians LEFT -- by Brian Evans

You are right, it is time the Christians LEFT.

Agreed. -- by Joe Crawford

Very well said!

Faith of many Believers -- by Paul Hazelwood

That is about all that is in danger in these modern times, many Christians are seeing their religious culture crumbling before them. Not to be confused with the faith of many believers.

Progressive Left -- by Steve Neal

Not just the Christian Left, but all the Progressive Left.

American People is Changing -- by Patti Beckett

That's so... sad. Dynamics of the American people is changing, and some feel, as I do, that's not good!

The Future is Brighter Today -- by Mo

I actually am hopeful. I think the culture, and Christians too, are moving away from the two issues that have dominated "Christian" politics for decades (abortion and homosexuality) and moving to dealing with more significant (at least if measured by what God and Jesus talk about in the bible) issues like economic and social justice, creation care, immigrant rights, health care, etc.

The future is brighter today than it was yesterday!

America was Heading -- by Paul Hazelwood

Patti, I'd be honestly interested if you would elaborate on what that dynamic really is. I am not assuming this about you, but I can recall some family members years ago talking the same way about blacks being non segregated and women being able to vote. They expressed their sadness in the "direction" america was heading.

Washington also Approved Same Sex Marriage -- by Mo

I need to update, just realized that Marriage Equality actually went 4-0 yesterday as the State of Washington also approved same sex marriage.

Help me to see Something Different -- by Patti Beckett

Paul, what I meant by the dynamics of American people changing is really the attitude that people have regarding work ethic, the culture of our Christian ideals, the way we look out for each other (no matter what ethnicity, etc.) It just seems to me that the American family is a minority and I am really concerned about that.

I am a retired teacher, taught for 33 years. Kids don't talk about going to church or what they did as a family over the weekend. We've gotten lost!! Gays legally marrying, marijuana being socially legalized, people unemployed and either no jobs or don't care to get a job. Let ol' Uncle Sam take care of us! Just don't feel it's the right direction for our kids and grandkids. Hope and PRAY I am wrong. Help me to see something different.

1400 years ago -- by Brian Evans

The future is for those of us that strive for it. The past can die, people who still hold onto ideals that were written down by a Roman emperor 1400 years ago, can crumble and die with their religion.

Are there bad and dangerous places to be in America? -- by Paul Hazelwood

Thanks for your reply Patti, and certainly economic times brings about a lot of dependency. I will not say that there are not people hoping to take advantage of the government welfare system. But I also know that in recent times, rather than just handing someone a check, I know a woman who is getting not only job training but counseling to help her understand emotional problems she has in the work place that has been a part of why she can't keep a job, and yes the government is paying, and it is helping in this case. I don't recall knowing anyone in the past on welfare where that was mentioned at all.

I also know a young man who now is in a good career based job, who, for a short time took food stamps so he could eat while he worked for next to nothing in an internship position. He is now not on food stamps. The bloated news reports we hear all over probably use those two people, among many others in the same boat, as a factor in the statistics while giving few details. Would someone be able to say that these two people are lazy no goods? Not really IMO.

Legalizing MJ isn't much of a problem. People already smoke it no matter who is in office and what they stand for, regulate it and benefit from the tax base. You will also free up much needed resources in the justice system by decriminalizing it. Some guy smoking a joint is NOT a criminal by the default of that act. It may seem contradictory, but if the united states legalized MJ, you'd wield the biggest blow to the criminal activities of the current drug lords in that area ever.

Homosexuality. This suffers from the perception that homosexual behavior by default is sexual immorality. But taken a look at in and of itself is no more deviant than heterosexuality. Any view a person takes on this will come under fire, but homosexuals should be encouraged to be monogomous and homosexual men should also be encouraged to not engage in anal sex. No matter what orientation a person is there are good and bad ways to engage in sexual activity.

Two monogomous homosexuals who love one another is no threat to any kind of family structure or anything else for that matter. I am personal friends with a lesbian couple, monogomous, they hold down jobs just like everyone else and there is nothing inherantly wrong with them by the default of their homosexual relationship. Those who quote the bible on such stuff have only been taught a particular interpretation which is open to correction, just like anything else is.

I am not concerned that you agree with what I just wrote, my point is that there are things we get told that are just grandstanding declarations that are by design intended to tweak your emotions, so take a thoughtful look around. Talk to people, get to know people who live and believe differently than you and you will find it is not really as bad as it seems.

Are there bad and dangerous places to be in America? Sure are, and there always has been, but I honesty think it is better than it once was.

Gay Marriage Debate -- by William Hazelwood

The gay marriage debate is stupid anyway. It's not different than oppressing blacks in the 60's. The fact that specific sexual acts are even brought in to the discussion is preposterous. Anal sex, frontal sex, side sex, ear sex. Whatever. As long as it's not promiscuity (sleeping around, multiple partners) then it's no ones business.

People Pray along with me for our Country's Safety -- by Patti Beckett

I hope you are right that it is better. I sincerely question that. Everyone is influenced by the ideas and ideals that were exposed to them growing up. Some people dig through them and live their life the way they choose others like the way they lived as youngsters and carry on as such.

I am one of those people who had two hard-working parents, took me to church every Sunday, and instilled in me the way to get ahead is through hard work, determination and persistence. I read your reply twice and agree with some of your statements. My sense of the direction our country is headed is based on my experiences in the past and present. Day in and day out I encountered children, their care-givers, and saw the lack of motivation of people around me. I'm not saying all , but people seem to be content to keep things the way they are and not strive to improve. I'll grow up and get the same kind of assistance my mom gets, etc.

I have a very special person in my life who has rebounded with help of food stamps, etc. but she is not one of the majority, unfortunately. You described two other people who you are aware of that lifted themselves up and became extremely productive individuals. I am disappointed this election went the way it did. I believe it will lead to people thinking I like the way America is right now. It's OK for the federal govt to control things that should be individual choices (health care, for one).

Americans will deal with the card that was dealt. I pray that people pray along with me for our country's safety (the travesty in Benghazi scares me), that my own kids and grandchildren are not burdened with the choices are leaders make, and that people treat others the way they want to be treated.

Treatment of Homosexuals is Repugnant -- by William Hazelwood

Treat other people the way they want to be treated is the core of my issue. I am normally in agreement with republicans, but their treatment of homosexuals is repugnant and evil. I will not be party to the persecution of anyone.

CNN article -- by Mo

Kelley, watch the video on following page and tell us what you think.


Thanks Patti Beckett and Paul Hazelwood for your thoughtful comments. Here's a CNN article that seems to be copying what I said at the top :)


Taxing Religions and Marijuana -- by Brian Evans

The American people have spoken, we will no longer let republicans or the religious hold us back any longer, take heed Christians, your time in the sun has ended. And we WILL change the laws and religion will no longer have a free ride in this country. Your bills have come do, pay up or leave.

We will take a huge chunk out of the deficit by taxing religions and marijuana. And you thought it was so funny when your preachers spoke out about who to vote for, thinking that you would face no judgement for that. Pay up or get out of this country.

Christianity can be a Great Force for Good -- by Mo

Brian Evans -- I sense your bitterness and understand where it comes from. I actually share some of your concerns. However, you go too far. Christianity can be a great force for good -- right here on earth. That is what Gospel Politics all about and what we are out to do -- spread the good news of the full gospel of Jesus and thereby help the world we live in now -- as well as eternity to come. I hope you'll spend some time on our site as I think much there might resonate with you. Cheers.

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