I Don't Fit in Your Box

- by Steve Neal

I Don't Fit in Your Box

I Don't Fit in Your Box - God.

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Mix Mystery Babylon Traditions -- by Elliott Ridgway

LOL... that is what I hear from many lukewarm Christians who unwittingly mix mystery Babylon traditions into their worship and/or theology... like one sister who sees gnosticism as true Christianity told me once when I pointed out how the Bible condemns the leaven of the pharisees and gnostic heresies...

I'm Not A People Pleaser -- by Claudia Martin Gaule


Dumb It Down -- by Mo

Elliott and Claudia -- not what either of you are talking about -- if you can "dumb it down" or explain it for me, I'd be happy to discuss more..

I Fit Into Gods Word -- by Claudia Martin Gaule

Mo duh it means i don't fit into mans box are point of view, i fit into gods word. the box 2 me as if i should fit in it with the world. i don't. p.s. your response was rude.

Why You Felt That Way? -- by Mo

Ah, OK Claudia, sorry if felt I said anything rude, would love to hear more about why you felt that way.

In any event, so you do think that God fits into a particular person's interpretation of the bible? Is that what you are saying?

God's Word Is God's Word -- by Claudia Martin Gaule

God's word is God's word, he doesn't fit into mans way, we become born again and are conformed day by day 2 his way, his word his way, his thinking, etc. People interpretation of the bible are different. gods view is correct always.

We all need discernment its a free gift from the holy spirit. Gospel Politics. I don't live 2 please people but god only.

Pic Makes You Think -- by Michael Santore

That pic makes you think.

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