My Take on Tonight's Debate

- by Mo (Montclair)

Fantastic debate. Both candidates performed well and had some great moments. But, Obama had more and clearly won the debate. "Sketchy deal" was memorable; but the decisive moment, as is often the case in big debates -- the moment that will be remembered most came from an unexpected direction -- was the Benghazi moment -- when Romney thought he had caught Obama in a mistake and pressed the point -- Candy Crowley was able to "fact-check" the issue on the spot and turns out -- surprise -- Romney was wrong and didn't even know it.

That was such a telling blow because it symbolized much about this campaign.

Bottom line, Obama won, and with it the election as well. Now we'll see the polls reverse course one last time, the Romney boomlet will fade, Obama will win re-election by a solid margin.

Comments for My Take on Tonight's Debate:

That is a False Statement -- by Julie Lamar

Woops! That is a false statement. Obama never said "in the rose garden" that the incident was an act of terror.

Maybe you can find and read what the President said.

Or maybe you can just check with almost anyone regarding your incorrect info. Thank you.

As an Act of Terror -- by Mo

Actually he did refer to it as an act of terror.

Ms. Crowley Made an Error -- by Julie Lamar

Good, then we can agree that Ms. Crowley made an error, but was initially willing to passively smear Gov.

Romney by diminishing her error because she felt that she didn't need to "split hairs". Being 100% wrong is not just splitting hairs.

No, Ms. Crowley Didn't Make an Error -- by Mo

Uh, no Ms. Crowley did not make an error, she was precisely correct in everything she said.

Why can't conservatives just admit Romney blew it on that. Liberals certainly have admitted Obama blew it in the first debate.

Killing of Our Ambassador and Others Was an Act of Terror -- by Julie Lamar

I see you removed the the initial response to my original post. It simply said I was wrong or words to with that's been awhile since I read it, and now it's not there to read.

That debate point has been so widely remarked on in the press that any person tracking USA politics knows that President Obama never, when speaking in the Rose Garden absolutely did not, at that time and place, say that the incident with the killing of our ambassador and others was an act of terror. Please respond with proof of your claim.

Why are you assuming that I am a conservative? I am not a conservative. But I suppose you have information that proves that I am a conservative. This mistake you have made is being used to that what he did not say symbolized so much of his campaign. As this is a Gospel related site, maybe I could mention II Corinthians 13: 6-7.

I Never Removed Anything -- by Mo

No, I never removed anything, you can see how the thread still alternates between us. Feel free to post it again.

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