Punishing the Poor for the Mistakes of the Rich

- by Mo (Montclair)

Punishing the Poor for the Mistakes of the Rich

Sad, but true. Let's not let it happen again, the rich have never been richer!!

Comments for Punishing the Poor for the Mistakes of the Rich:

Austerity -- by Carlton Donaghe

Austerity should be something that the poor impose on the rich.

Poignant on the election eve -- by Arlinda Henderson

Poignant on the election eve, I can't help thinking about all of the super rich, who, in one way or another, would not be such if it wasn't for those under them and their ancestors. What is the reason for having so much money if not to build an economic monarchy for you and yours.

I think this is the difference between ethics and morals.

Having so much Money -- by Carlton Donaghe

Hmmm.... "What is the reason for having so much money if not to build an economic monarchy for you and yours," sounds entirely contrary to the ideals of a republican democracy to me. That may be your point.

Democratically Owns and Shares in the Economic Wealth -- by Dan Frankot

We need to create a society where the vast majority democratically owns and shares in the economic wealth and decisions. Something like the meidner plan put forward by the swedish social democrats and labor organization.

"The poor you will have with you always" - Jesus -- by Gary Yantz

There are many reasons for being poor, abuse by the rich is only one of them. Homes broken by divorce which is as easy to get these days as air; imposed poverty by government agencies in order to keep a fearful voter base; corporate greed, and last but not least, lazyness.

The Bible says if you don't work you shouldn't eat; but if there are no jobs available then what do you do? Then again there are those too proud to work certain jobs; it's easier for them to just take handouts. It is a complicated problem, and no, it is not all the rich man's fault.

I never got a job from a poor man, but I have been blessed in working for rich people who have taken real good care of me; enough so that I am now retired at 55. In the early days of our nation it was the Church, not the government, who helped the poor, but alas, the modern Church has become little more than a support structure for a building.

Modern Church -- by Mo

I agree on your comments about the modern church. I don't think Jesus was saying not to care about the poor since we'd always have them. Quite the contrary:


Fair Share -- by Jeffrey A. Mallory

Question for you: You said earlier, "If the wealthy paid a fair rate of tax and we had an intelligent health care policy in America -- we'd have no deficit and all would be better off." What, in your opinion, is fair?

What percentage of income should the rich (let's say the so-called 1%, as opposed to the so-called99%) need to cough up in taxes for them to pay their "fair share," keeping in mind that Christian tithing is 10%?

NOT "fair" -- by Shane Killingsworth

Can't Tax bartered goods, ahhahahahahhaa. Unfortunately you have to consider that not all people hold the Bible as Gospel, so what the Bible says has nothing to do with "economic equality".

Free will and private property is the only "equalizer" and the basic understanding that life is NOT "fair". Fuck fair.

The Buffett Rule -- by Mo

Jeffrey A. Mallory -- I'd say at a minimum the rich should pay at least as a high a percentage in taxes as anyone in the middle class. Pres. Obama proposed "the Buffett Rule" to make this happen. The protectors of the wealthy and privileged classes (the GOP) blocked that.

Shane Killingsworth -- thank you for your comments. They provide much insight into your perspective.

Christian and a Conservative -- by Shane Killingsworth

Hey Mo - I am a Christian and a Conservative so I think you have mis judged my "perspective"- you should not harbor animosity towards the rich for being rich- that makes you weak.

You haven't done your Research -- by Jeffrey A. Mallory

@Mo: Not only did you not answer the question, you haven't done your research. I could give you the answers to these questions, but you can find them:

  1. What percentage of total taxes do the richest people in this country pay?
  2. When you talk about the Buffet Rule (the taxes he pays at a lower rate than his secretary), are we talking about the same kind of taxes, or are we looking at different KINDS of tax.
  3. What percentage of total taxes is paid by the bottom half of income earners?
  4. When we talk about people and money, shouldn't we ask this: Whose money is it? What gives you and others like you the right to take (plunder) what someone else has earned legally?
  5. What is the purpose of law and the government whose obligation it is to enforce law if it is not to protect property?
  6. How does a government protect property by taking it? I'd love if you'd answer some of these questions. Peace!

99.9% of the Taxes -- by Shane Killingsworth

I have not misjudged your perspective. It speaks for itself. I also harbor no animosity towards the rich.

Jeffrey A. Mallory -- You are talking about total taxes. Of course they pay TONS of total taxes because they are fabulously wealthy. What if they owned 99.9% of the wealth, would it be wrong if they paid 99.9% of the taxes? I would hope not. The issue is fairness of their tax RATE.

All of this and more is discussed in detail at:

"Fair Share" of Taxes -- by Shane Killingsworth

Funny, you say my comments show my perspective, but offer nothing as to define my perspective. It seems to me that it is the poor who do not pay their "fair share" of taxes. Keep in mind as well, it is also the rich who contribute to charity more than the poor, in total dollars and in higher percentages of income. Most of the wealthier people I have met in my life consider themselves blessed and work their asses off to keep businesses open and running in spite of the govt, so to continue to increase their personal wealth and provide job security and jobs for their employees.

Projection is a defense mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people. For example, if you have a strong dislike for someone, you might instead believe that he or she does not like you. Projection works by allowing the expression of the desire or impulse, but in a way that the ego cannot recognize, therefore reducing anxiety.

Well-crafted Sociopolitical Thinking -- by Bob Parker

"Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?"

Shane and other defenders of the 1%, you can couch your views in well-spoken rhetoric, and articulately pose them as well-crafted sociopolitical thinking, but in the end you're still just selfish dicks. And unless you are protecting fabulous wealth of your own, you are just sucking the dicks of the fabulously wealthy.

I may be wrong, or inadequately prepared to debate this with the likes of you, but so what? You're still dicks. Jesus would say the same thing, I suspect.

Watch Fox News -- by Rusty Davis

Shane I find that people who are excellent at distraction and projection utilize it the most. EXAMPLE: watch fox news.

Very Funny -- by Mo

Bob Parker -- I wanted to "like" your post, but the language prevented me. Still, I wholeheartedly endorse your sentiment.

By the way, I shared your post about the Romney tax plan here. very funny...

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