Really, You Call It "Redistribution?"

- by Americans Against the Tea Party

Really, you call it Redistribution?

Really, you call it "Redistribution?"

We call it "Compassion!"

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The Moochers -- by Karen Tate

They call it the 47% - the moochers. Here are their faces.

That's not the 47% -- by Sherry Patterson

No, that's not the 47%. The 47% are those who are able to help themselves but will not!

Robin Hood Stole from the Rich -- by Ron Calhoun

Although liberal families' incomes average 6 percent higher than those of conservative families, conservative-headed households give, on average, 30 percent more to charity than the average liberal-headed household ($1,600 per year vs. $1,227).

Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor; the Bible says thou shall not steal.

No one is calling for Stealing -- by Mo

Actually the study you site is flawed in that it uses the IRS definition of "charity" rather than the biblical definition. In the bible, God defines charity as giving to the needy without receiving, or expecting to receive, anything in return. The vast majority of "charity" conservatives give is in the form of tithes to their church.

The vast majority of that money goes to salaries and building expenses -- for people and buildings that provide the giver with services. A tiny, miniscule fraction goes to the poor and needy. So, in actuality, liberals give quite a bit more to charity than conservatives.

No one is calling for stealing anything from anyone.

Vast Majority of "Charity" -- by Ron Calhoun

You responded to my comment by saying, "The vast majority of "charity" conservatives give is in the form of tithes to their church." Either your research or your opinion one is flawed, I notice you have offered no support or documentation for this flawed theory.

You also claimed, "No one is calling for stealing anything from anyone." Did you bother to read the photograph you posted? Your so-called compassion is based upon taking resources from other people and "compassionately" giving it to those that you deem worthy.

Please actually read the George Will's article, you'll see he pretty much ripped your arguments apart.

When the Government Collects Taxes from us, it is Stealing? -- by Mo

Ok, so, you think when the government collects taxes from us, it is stealing?

The study will refers to relies on a simplistic analysis of gross numbers red state vs blue state. even the most elementary of researchers could simply do an overlay of those same states church attendance and find the same increase. so, the increase in alleged charity is simply reflective of increased giving to churches -- most of which does not go for charity in the biblical sense.

What you meant when you said people were calling this redistribution but you were calling it Compassion -- by Ron Calhoun

Actually what I'm asking you to do is support your claim that you posted in the above photograph. Simply go into more detail and explain what you meant when you said people were calling this redistribution but you were calling it compassion. What did you mean by that?

Also you stated, "... even the most elementary(sic) of researchers..." fine, cite your source, give us some documentation, give us something besides merely your opinion of the situation. if it's so easy to find you should have no problem finding the research to support your claims.

No Strings Attached Liberal! -- by Karen Tate

I think it's interesting that so often when conservatives/Christians give, it often comes with a price tag - listen to their propaganda, convert to being one of them or burn in hell or something even worse... they're trying to save them from being an open-minded, no strings attached liberal! HA HA HA

Conservatives give more to Charity Myth -- by Mo

Hi Ron, I go into some detail here:

Let me know if that doesn't answer your questions. thanks

Call it Stealing -- by Michael Lewis

I call it stealing its not your money.

Oh ya this type of behavior breeds mediocraty and is called communism. It didn't work for the russians it didnt work for the chinese Social programs don't work they never have and never will.

What do you Propose as an Alternative? -- by Anissa Roberts

Michael and Ron, What would you suggest the elderly and the disabled do then to survive? You call Social Programs stealing and Communist - what then do you propose as an alternative?

Soylent Green -- by Karen Tate

I suppose they'd turn them into Soylent Green to feed the other poor people.

How can it be stealing? -- by Anissa Roberts

It ceases to be your money once it goes into the tax pile. It is not yours, it is not mine - it belongs to the gov't at that point - to be used and distributed how Congress sees fit. You stop having a say in where your personal tax dollars go as soon as the money has been collected. Everyone has the same ability to exert their opinion on their Congressional Reps & Senators by calling, writing & emailing. Also, at the polls.

But you have to remember that you may not get your way. There is always a winner & a loser in any election whether it is Presidential, or simply a line item vote. But you do have a voice and you do have representation. But the money is no longer yours to dictate how it is spent and some how you need to get over it.

I have noticed that suddenly no one wants to respond. I really want to know what people have for suggestions to the elderly and disabled if we do away with Social Programs. I am very earnestly curious.

Conservativism was an Excuse for Selfishness -- by Karen Tate

Exactly Anissa. I read somewhere conservativism was an excuse for selfishness and libertarianism values go out the window when confronted with reality of the governing for ALL the people..

Is that Republican Really being Charitable? -- by Anissa Roberts

I also would like to see a dollar for dollar comparison of charity. What I mean is if I donate 30% of my lower middle class income how does that compare to some one in the 1%? Do you know what mean???

And i am sure the types of orgs donated to are vastly different as well. I mean if I am donating to a soup kitchen and my republican counterpart is donating to an election campaign we both qualify for the IRS tax break but is that republican really being charitable???

Universal Health Care -- by Mo

Yes Anissa Roberts -- I commented about that in the article i linked to above. In my experience, conservatives tire of debate once you get into details. Conservatism and libertarianism sound good on the surface; once you scratch below there are serious problems.

For instance, conservatives and libertarians believe the private sector can deliver medical care more efficiently than the government can. However, that is simply not true. Please read

I certainly welcome any comments from conservatives who can defend free market health care which has proven to be wasteful and inefficient -- not to mention, unjust.

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