Reduce Gun Deaths in the US

- by GP (Montclair, VA)

I KNOW WE WON'T DO THIS -- and probably no one would support it --

But, I wonder if we all would agree that sending cops house to house to remove all guns.

Would dramatically reduce gun deaths (and save tens of thousands of lives each year) in the US?

I'll go first.


Comments for Reduce Gun Deaths in the US:

Seriously? - by R Carr

Seriously? I agree with you on many things, but on this one I think you underestimate the violence with which a significant minority of the population would respond.

Absolutely Not - by MQ

Absolutely not. Illegal drugs are not something you are suppose to have but tons of people do. You need a way to defend yourself otherwise your a sitting duck.

Against the Constitution - by SH Dufford

I believe that would be against the constitution. Whether I agree with you or not.

Confiscate Cell Phones and Cigarettes - by R Grassley

Over 2 million Americans successfully defend themselves from aggresors every year. A single woman or elderly couple are not subject to the dominance of strength of a man. Shall we confiscate cell phones and cigarettes as well. They are responsible for more deaths than guns. I'm sure Mayor Adolph Bloomberg would love to.

Police-state - by M Frost

The trade-off would be that the police-state would be severely emboldened and the USA would become like Chile under Pinochet.

Gun Ownership be Tied - by Carlton D.

I don't think we should do that, but I would be willing to argue that gun ownership be tied to membership in a "well-regulated militia."

Criminals the Main Cause - by Kenan D.

Wow how naive. Criminals the main cause of all the gun deaths in the U.S. would still be able to get a firearm. If your so worried about stopping unneeded deaths let's get rid of all vehicles (40k deaths per year on average), knives and other Sharp objects ( in the UK where guns are banned there are 6 deaths per week caused by knives and other sharp objects).

But that would be stupid. Infect why don't we go even further and allow the government absolute control and every day we stand in lines where we are given everything we need for that day to ensure that nothing bad happens to anyone ever again. Sigh.....I could go on but why bother. Such naivete in the world makes me sad.

Whether it would or wouldn't Reduce Gun Deaths? - by MJ

You all make good points and as I said in ALL CAPS -- i know we won't do it and few would support it -- but you all missed the point, my question:

The question was simply whether it would or wouldn't reduce gun deaths. I think that's an interesting question that no one responded to.

I note one person said criminals cause most gun deaths -- not true -- most gun deaths are suicides.

And there are tens of thousands of gun related suicide deaths each year. how many of those wouldn't happen if there were many fewer guns lying around. that's my question. i just think we should think through all the issues, what we lose by having so many guns around, the price we pay for whatever one thinks we get for it...

Emboldened Police State - by M Frost

I did get your point, actually, which is why I said what I said: certainly there would be a decrease in gun deaths on the civilian side of the things, but with a possible and likely increase in gun deaths caused by an emboldened police state.

Peruse this page, particularly posts prior to the recent massacre:

Hurting Themselves or Others - by Kellee H.

If these people intent on hurting themselves or others do not have the convenience of a gun with bullets that might deter the lazy ones but what bout knives, swords, poisons etc..... If someone really wants to hurt people they will find a way and when they come for you what then? Gonna pick up a few more rocks and throw them?

Don't include Legal Intervention - by Kenan D.

Those statistic tables don't include legal intervention. I.e. criminals killed by police and civilians in self defense or in defense of others. So add that to homicides and my statement about criminals being the cause of most deaths by firearm correct.

All are alive today - by MJ

Kellee -- when's the last time someone killed 26 people in a few minutes using a knife, sword or poison?

In fact, same day as the massacre in Newton a similar thing happened in China. However, that guy only had a knife. He wounded 20 people. All are alive today.

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