Religion Has No Place in Politics

- by Sol Ohman

Religion has no place in politics and vice versa. Attempting to mix the two leads to lovely things like the Dark Ages, Crusades, Iran - it's a lengthy list but suffice to say very unfavorable consequences. A title like Gospel Politics....seems a contradiction in terms.

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Religion and Politics Can be Good or Bad for Each Other - by Gospel Politics

Hi Sol, I understand where you are coming from. Like many things, Religion and politics can be good or bad for each other. You've cited some bad mixings of religion and politics, but there has been many good mixing as well -- ending slavery and the progressive movement at the turn of the century that gave us many things we take for granted today -- like child labor laws.

Religion, in it's purest form, certainly Christianity, is about loving our neighbor. It's hard to think of a sentiment that could be more beneficial to politics.

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