Republican Principles

- by Mo (Montclair)

I don't really find that Republicans very often affirmatively declare that Republican principles are consistent with Christianity.

They are more likely to simply believe in Republican principles like freedom and independence.

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Is it community good, or loving thy neighbor? -- by Jeremy Janson

Is it community good, or loving thy neighbor? These are not the same thing. One denies that individuals exist, the other seeks to help other individuals.

It's also interesting to note how different the Old Testament and New Testament are in their attitude towards wealth and property, something I ascribe to two different situations, one being a church in hiding that must protect itself from an oppresive and insecure Roman Empire (the "wolves" in the various parables are a direct reference to Lupa, the she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus and remained part of the standard of the Roman Empire throughout its history), the other being a basically civilized society with some seriously uncivilized problems.

In those two situations, it goes without saying that what is loving and good to all mankind are very different.

When you Love your Neighbor? -- by Mo

Good, but don't you do community good when you love your neighbor?

Giving your Community Hell -- by Jeremy Janson

Depends. If your neighbor is a black man in the Jim Crow South, you might well be giving your community hell.

Isn't the Black Man Part of the Community? -- by Mo

But isn't the black man part of the community?

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