Republican Religion is FASCISM

- by Jason Davenport (Nolanville, Texas)

If it's republican Religion it is FASCISM! PERIOD!

Comments for Republican Religion is FASCISM:

I'm with you on the sentiment -- by Mo

A tad strong, but I'm with you on the sentiment.

I'm a bit "testy" -- by Jason Davenport

Sorry..I'm a bit "testy" 300.000.000 people in this country.. By grace ye are saved.. I don;t like it but you have to be in trouble of your own doing to THIRST for truth and savior.. You have to kind of earn it of walking by your own devises..

It's then when you are meek and excepting of truth. It;s then when you realize that truth is bigger than you. Then and ONLY then can you be receptive to truth..GOD BLESS them But lots of folks have been brought up by tradition..They have not been tested they have been sheltered and I PRAY for them...The times they are a changing I wish and hope the BEST for them..

I hope they learn to live love..Tio put on that mind of Christ to walk forward amongst the sinner without fear. CONFIDENT in God..Not themselves..So Sorry about the fascist statement BUT.. When you look at the connections between the energy industry The Chamber of commerce..F.C.C deregulation and The number of right wing stations on the dial... "wisdom" (aka) Knowledge in one of it's forms.

It's MORE precious that the finest jewels or the purest Gold... Some folks on the right are using that for their own devises.. Odd..It reminds me of "men working with men that which is evil" Just say in'..God bless..I hope the body of Christ can shake this nasty cold It's got...It's not edifying to the body...

I'm with you. -- by Mo

I'm with you.

Good Person -- by Jason Davenport

Good person.. A gentle answer turneth away wrath.. You done good...

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