Republicans and Democrats See the World Differently

- by Mo (Montclair)

It's been observed that conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats see the world differently. And, there's fierce debate about who sees the world as it really is and who is living in an alternate reality.

Nowhere is that more evident than how the two sides view the American electorate. We have an unusually stark contrast even between political professionals in their predictions about this election.

Conservatives, all the way down the line, are predicting a strong Romney win. This article quotes one saying "It's very, very likely" that Romney wins in a "tsunami". Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and all the Fox News gang have said similar things.

I think they are wrong. I think Obama will win. I think the Dems will hold the Senate. I think the Dems will pick up seats in the house. I think it will be a strong Democratic year.

But, you know what -- if they are right and Romney wins -- I will admit that I WAS WRONG and the American electorate, as a whole, does want to get rid of Obamacare and wants lower taxes, even for the rich and lower spending on programs that help the poor and middle class. And, that they should get it.

But I wonder if conservatives will be willing to admit they were wrong about the American electorate -- if Obama wins?

Here's the article I was referring to above

Comments for Republicans and Democrats see the World Differently:

The President is Re-elected -- by Kevin R Carr

No, today's pseudo conservatives will not admit they were wrong if the president is re-elected.

They still haven't admitted that he won and earned a mandate the first time he was elected.

Buy in before the Election -- by Mo

I hope you are not right, but fear you are. This is one reason I'm trying to get buy in before the election, I know afterwards fox news will issue talking points about why the election results should be ignored and start campaigning for the next election. At some point we really need to govern..

Republican Party will become even more Doctrinaire -- by August Depner

I've read pundits who predict that instead of self-examination of their policies, the Republican Party will become even more doctrinaire after an Obama win. The narrative is already being prepared that the blame is on Mitt, not the policies he espoused.

GOP should win in a Romp -- by Mo

That was going to happen before the first debate -- and it might well have resulted in a split in the GOP. More and more in the GOP were already calling for it. But, then Mitt won that first debate and has run a strong campaign thereafter.

So, I think, it will be hard for anyone to blame the loss on Mitt. But, we'll see. I did hear Tucker Carlson say last night that the GOP should win in a romp, that Obama's economy was so bad that he had nerve to even run again..

Romney has run a Strong Campaign -- by August Depner

I think I see the problem here. I'm surprised you'd offer Carlson as a reliable source. But perhaps thinking that Romney has run a strong campaign after the first debate (or even before - Mitt was widely expected to be beaten in the first debate) is itself certainly a different view from the campaign I've seen him run.

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