That's Not Pro-life, That's Pro-birth

- by Mo

I think in many cases your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born, but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. That's not pro-life, that's pro-birth.

- Sister Joan Chittister

That's Not Pro-life, that's Pro-birth

Comments for That's Not Pro-life, That's Pro-birth:

Adopted Themselves -- by Joanna

Seriously. These pro-lifers scream adoption but a majority of them haven't adopted themselves.

There are 500k kids in the system. They need to be cared for.

What do you Suggest? -- by Bob

What do you suggest - that we "abort" those children who have already been born?

No, No! -- by Marta

No, no! Means that we CARE for those already born!

They are being Cared -- by Jeff

They are being cared for, they are not in the streets.

I know many Christan families that have adopted them, including my own.

You are Lucky -- by Joanna

Well that's good for you. I did say a majority and have you ever been in the system yourself?

It's hell on earth. A good chunk of foster parents are only in for it with the money they get from the state. My boyfriend for example can attest to that. You are lucky if you've had a pleasant experience in the system.

It's Hypocritical -- by Mo

The issue is slapping a "pro-life" bumper sticker on your car, condemning women who choose abortion, but not supporting social programs that would help those women to have the child and support it.

It's hypocritical really. It's saying -- "oh, I support life -- unless it costs me something."

Are you Saying your Boyfriend should have been Aborted? -- by Jeff

Are you saying your boyfriend should have been aborted? Seriously.

Surely your not suggesting there isn't enough money in system. I know case that case workers are over worked in urban centers, but that does not mean it is so for the rest of country. Heck, the kids my parents took in were better dressed than I and had four years of private college paid for by the state. No lack of money here and yet we have one of highest abortion rates in the country. China forces abortions on women, yet they have a crises of unadopted girls.

Abortion solves nothing. If we want to avoid foster care hell for our children we should be more selective who we hop in bed with and take responsibility for the ones we make.

Leftist whine and moan about blaming the victim, then pretend that killing a victim is just fine -- as long as the killing occurs early.

The System isn't Perfect -- by Joanna

I never said that Jeff. Don't be putting words in my mouth. I never said we are blaming the victim or my boyfriend should have been aborted. Just because the adoptive parents you know are good doesn't mean they all are.

Look what I am not saying that abortion is right im just saying that a good chunk of pro-lifers are hypcrits. The system isn't perfect. Stop pretending like it is.

I Never Said the System is Perfect -- by Jeff

I never said the system is perfect... who's putting words in another's mouth now?

We don't need a perfect system to be pro-life. Hypocrisy is is killing innocent lives in a brutal fashion and claiming it is for their own good. Hypocrisy is claiming to want safe abortions and blocking every attempt to hold abortionists to the same standards as the rest of the medical community.

Yes, our society is overwhelmed because people want to put a condom on the dick before a ring on the finger. That doesn't make hypocrites of those who try to care for the mess that is made.

BTW, did you know that feminists up until the 1960's were uniformly pro-life?

Abortion is not Murder -- by Mo

Jeff -- I know you don't agree, but the fact is that abortion is not murder; never has been; in nearly any society -- including the ancient Hebrews.

Obviously, if it was murder, we would agree with you. I'm curious if you have any arguments that don't rely on the "abortion is murder" fallacy?

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