Too Often, Too True!

- by Mo (VA)

Too Often, Too True!
Too Often, Too True!

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Strengthen my Faith -- by Tara

I don't know who you think you're generalizing, but I take offense to that. I'm constantly in bible studies and reading. I strengthen my faith always.

It is a Choice -- by Vickie

Very interesting when you think about it. Open minded or closed minded, it is a choice.

Certainly Not All -- by Mo

Yes true, certainly not all. Still, I think it's true that religious people believe all the answers are in a single book and scientists are quite the opposite.

I think using a single book as a guide is good (especially if it's the bible) -- but I also thinking reading many other books can help one understand that single one better.

Faulty and Prejudicial Against Christianity -- by Tara

People that are dumb will be dumb, and not read at all. People with an agenda will read little or a lot to reinforce that agenda! This quote is so faulty and prejudicial against Christianity. It aims only to tear down our faith.

All other works of faith (books) are based on the bible (interpretatiins, life experiences), the bible and group study of it really is all you need!

In a Sense, it's Correct -- by Christina

Well, in a sense, it's correct. I mean, all that really matters is knowing that Jesus is the only begotten son of God and came to die on the cross as a substitute for payment of our sins and whomever shall believe in Him (not just believe of Him) shall have eternal life. So in from the aspect of eternity, all the other stuff doesn't really matter.

Proves -- by Mo

Proves the point exactly.

What you're Saying, Christina? -- by Anna

So basically what you're saying, Christina, is that all you need is one statement based on scripture as interpreted by some Christians, and you really don't need to learn more? To me that is very sad. It turns off a large portion of the brain God gave you. It denies the critical thinking skills God made your brain capable of.

It turns God into a sadistic monster who says to his creation: "I set up this magic way for you to attain salvation. If your life experiences that I dropped into make it impossible for you to believe, well then too bad, so sad, off to hell with you!" Honestly, what appeals to you about spending eternity with such a God?

Support Universalism -- by Mo

Have I ever said I think there is much in the bible to support universalism?

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