We Should not Forget Mistakes our Forefathers Made

- by William (NY)

When considering how we interpret the bible on the issue of homosexuality we should not forget mistakes our forefathers made about what the bible says on slavery.

Comments for We Should not Forget Mistakes our Forefathers Made:

True, but misinterpretations -- by Lee Edwards

True, but misinterpretations in the past do not justify misinterpretations (to the left or the right) now or in the future.

How Christians Interpreted the Bible? -- by William

Absolutely! my point, frankly, is to get conservatives to consider that their forefathers were WRONG about how they interpreted the bible and so maybe they can consider that maybe they are wrong today about homosexuality.

Especially, if one considers that in both cases it was the majority picking on the minority -- both in church and in society at large. So, did the anti-gay culture of the past, and even today, impacting how Christians interpreted the bible? Certainly it did with slavery.

Justify Homosexuality -- by Lee Edwards

My statement above is not to be used to justify homosexuality, which is considered an abomination before the Lord. Slavery was addressed but not condemned, only regulated, in the Bible. Slavery in the time of Jesus and before was much different than it was in the New World where it became infamous and finally outlawed, though not eradicated, worldwide.

Lesbianism was not addressed in the bible specifically but seems to be accepted in the book of Ruth. Transgender dress was generally looked down upon but not specifically condemned in the Bible, as is alcohol abuse. I do not claim to have a complete and true understanding of the scripture but I do not appreciate my words being twisted to say something I did not say and do not mean.

I respect the opinions of those who disagree with me, many of whom I regard as close friends, because I believe we must each travel our own path through life and face the judgement of the Lord at the end of our road.

Male Homosexuality -- by William

So, male homosexuality is an abomination, but female homosexuality is ok?

Slavery Was Much Different? -- by Jon Serena

Slavery was "much different"? Really?

Did you read the words you wrote?

Slavery is slavery, there are no options nor variations it does not matter if one is treated well or not.

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