Where the Money Goes?

- by Mo (Montclair, VA)

Where the Money Goes?

Wow, so that's where the money goes...

Comments for Where the Money Goes:

Unreal!!!! -- by Lana Lease Johnston

52K a day??? Unreal!!!!

New Wife -- by Amy Enochs-Fader

Hmm. Wonder if ill, David needs a new wife!!!

Obama Care -- by Mo

One of the many good things about Obama Care is that it limits the amount of "administrative" costs that an insurance company can charge. I think it's limited to 18% -- above that and customers get refunded. Yet another reason to thank God for Obama Care.

Insurance Companies Disappear -- by Marta Garcia

I am grateful for Obama care. I am still worried about the Insurance companies being so powerful. Is there a chance that they will disappear? Or that there will be Universal Health care in this country?

Average Income Bracket -- by Lisa Proffitt Fox

I'm not sure the healthcare system is broken so much as the insurance industry needs reform. As you can see, big money rules and insurance reform would end any politician's career to mention it. That's why Obama Care won't completely fix things for those of us in the average income bracket.

People's Money -- by Ryan Guirl

Marta I'm sure the govt will not abuse their power over the health care system. They are always good with other people's money.

Offer a few Relevant Facts -- by Mo

"This conversation has veered a bit into the typical capitalistic fantasyland where so much of public policy discussion dwells. So, to bring the conversation back into reality, I offer a few relevant facts:

  1. The United States has by far the most expensive health care system the world has ever known. We spend about twice on health care as other industrialized countries do.
  2. Despite fact #1, the US health care system fails to provide basic, consistent care for millions of it's citiizens.
  3. Despite fact #1, the US health care system has outcomes generally WORSE than those that cost half as much.
  4. The biggest distinction (other than cost) between the US health system and those of other industrialized countries is that they ALL use MORE government to run the system, most would best be characterized as socialized medicine.
  5. While here let me repeat these "socialized" medical systems get better outcomes, cover more people, at about HALF the cost we pay.
  6. Heath care costs in the US are by far the biggest fiscal challenge we face. Those costs are the leading cause of bankruptcies at all levels of government as well as individual and business. They are one of the greatest impediments to the competitiveness of our businesses and industry.
  7. Government provided health care in the US is the MOST efficient health care provided in the US -- by far. Administrative costs of government provided health care (yes, that includes military, tricare, medicare, medicaid, VA) -- is about 1/5 as much as the private sector spends.
  8. All can see that if the facts I've stated above are true, then pretty much all the conservative arguments above are obliterated. So, the only question is whether what I just said is really true.
  9. Anyone care to challenge me?"

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