Who the GOP is?

- by Mo (Montclair, VA)

Who the GOP is?

Good grief, this picture says a lot about who the GOP is -- and who it isn't -- even in December of 2012

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Terrible Situation -- by Jeffrey A. Mallory

So, who is it that plays the race card again?

Whatever happened to that old notion that you should judge a person by the content of character and not color of skin? Let's see, what can be done to remedy this terrible situation? Maybe you'd like to institute a quota?

Undeniably racist -- by Marta Garcia

I would like to see more representation of our diversity in a natural way. What are the odds of having just white males in the GOP when there are so many women and ethnic groups. If you put 50 white socks and fifty other colors socks in a bag,; mix them up and then grab ten out randomly, how many white socks will you grab? They are a Pack and undeniably racist.

Discrimination, Segregation and Racism -- by Mo

Gotta go with Marta Garcia on this one. Jeffrey A. Mallory -- your argument is the same one that has always been made to justify discrimination, segregation and racism (i.e. we deserve power cause we are better than the others).

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