Why Do We Need the Dream Act?

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Why Do We Need the Dream Act?
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Why do we need the Dream Act?

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Why do you Violate the Rights? - by John Butz

Why do you violate the rights of those who are legally going through the immigration process while helping those who illegally cut in line, demanding freebees.

Our immigration laws need reform but catering to people who refuse to follow current laws isn't the answer. I have sponsored immigrant's into this country. It was expensive but if you really want someone to be here you'll make away. I you believe illegals have the right to be here why not put your money where your mouth is and pay their immigration fees, hospital, and educational bills.

There is No Perfect Solution to This - by Mo

However, the Christian response is to love our neighbor, immigrant included. God said in the OT to treat immigrants as citizens. I don't favor amnesty for all, but certainly favor the dream act -- which helps kids brought here by their parents who have much to contribute.

Government must Enforce the Laws of the Land - by John Butz

I believe that when crimes are committed it's the children who suffer the most, I know there are exceptions to every rule. We are to love our neighbor, but it should be an individual decision, not a government breaking it's own laws.

Israel was a theocracy, in order for immigrants to enter into their camp, they had to meet certain requirements, see Deuteronomy for what those were. The Church should reach out to help people but the government must enforce the laws of the land.

If we the people think the laws are wrong we should vote and tell congress to change them. The Government does not have unlimited resources to feed the entire world, we have thousands of veterans for example living on the street right now. We should take care of our own first.

Mexico loves for the US to feed it's poor. Pretty soon it will be us crossing the border to Mexico for beans and rice because our system can't handle all these people. Meanwhile where there are an abundance of illegals the crime is worse again affecting American citizens.

People Should Change it if they Don't Like it - by Mo

Good points, i just don't agree. First, as a matter of policy I think immigrants, illegal and legal, are a net positive to our country. they help make us more competitive, vibrant, younger, and they pay lots of taxes and receive much less government assistance than most Americans.

Bottom line is that, generally, immigrants work harder and receive less than non-immigrants. they are net givers; actually, at this point, the rest of American society is net takers -- particularly in Southern states that receive much more from the federal government than they pay. We also are losing many very talented, and some even wealthy, immigrants to other countries because we are relatively inhospitable.

As for the theological side -- yes, the government should enforce the law and the people should change it if they don't like it. that's exactly my point -- Christians should agitate to change the laws to make them more favorable to immigrants -- both because it's the Christian thing to do and the right thing to do.

Break the Law to Accommodate Illegal Aliens - by John Butz

You make some good points as well, but it still doesn't answer the problem now. Are we going to break the law to accommodate illegal aliens and are we going to penalize those who are law abiding immigrants who loose their place because illegals are taking cuts in line.

I am pro immigration, I'm in agreement that there agree benefits but i think that you gloss over the problems illegal (not all, just illegal) immigrants create on our society. There is no screening illegals, it becomes a terrorist opportunity, illegals are already breaking the law so they are more prone to break other laws.

The crime rates in areas of high illegal immigration, like Miami for example are disturbing to say the least. The Mexican government seemingly has lost their war on drugs and the border is very dangerous right now. If were looking for immigrants who'll have a positive impact in America, screening is the right way to do it.

We Agree on the Dream Act? - by Mo

Cool, well, we'd agree then probably that generally immigration needs to be "streamlined" -- i.e. easier and faster.

And maybe we agree on the dream act? if so, we are 90% in agreement and that's a fantastic start. what say you?

Given a Waver - by John Butz

I appreciate your heart and your civility, that's kind of rare these days. I want to look into the dream Act more but like I said I am pro immigration. If a kid is born here he should be given a waver.

Hopefully we can get better boarder control going and some of the red tape can be cut out of the process because there is a sh@#load of it , lol. BLESSINGS TO YOU.

Why do we need this? - by John Blair

Oh Ok, were supposed to give you people everything that we have work for just because you say so. Even if you haven't worked for any of it and are more that likely in this Country Illegally. You people clog up the system taking benefits that you don't deserve.

If you want these things why don't you go back to the Country that you came from and fight for it or work for it like the people of this Country have done. You are a scourge to this State. That needs to be eradicated.

Which Policy is more Christian - by Mo

John Blair -- the issue we address here is which policy is more Christian. God is clear that immigrants are to be treated as neighbors , as citizens.

I also disagree with you on a policy basis as well. I think immigrants are a net positive on our economy and culture. They work hard, for generally low wages, pay taxes, and receive less government benefits than native born Americans. Immigrants are great for our country, always have been.

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