You are Nuts if you Think Jesus would Vote Democrat

Jesus said give your money to the poor, not give your money to the government and let them decide. You are being deceived by the great deceiver, Satan.

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You are missing the point, well several of them actually.... by Admin

Hi, your complaint is a common conservative reply when this topic arises. On the surface it seems a powerful point. However, it does not withstand scrutiny.

First, as a matter of simple logic, just because we have no record of Jesus saying something does not mean he didn't say it. The gospels themselves state that these are only some of the many sayings of Jesus. So, when we deal with an issue that we have no record of Jesus' opinion on, we have to consider the body of sayings we do have, consider the spirit of what we know Jesus did say, and apply it as best we can.

Secondly, just because Jesus didn't say something doesn't mean he wouldn't agree with it. I might ask you a similar question:

Did Jesus ever prohibit giving money to the government to distribute it to the poor? Of course not. So, what exactly is your point?

The truth as you full well know is there are many things that, in our society, only the government can and will do. Consider the cost of even one cancer treatment or open heart surgery. Can you tell me which church will pay for those?

To get back to the scripture you allude to. Actually Jesus said to sell all our possessions and give the money to the poor, then follow him. Mt. 19:21. Now, which of the political philosophies do you think more closely approximates Jesus' view? This is an easy, obvious question -- that shouldn't be ignored. We can choose to make it as hard as we want.

Also, Jesus did come down very hard on the government of his day for unjust treatment of the poor and weak. Jesus despised laws that favored wealthy interests over the poor. Which political philosophy, which party, more closely approximates Jesus' view on this?

God speaks a lot in His word about what the government should be like. Check out God's law in the old testament that called for debts to be forgiven and crops to be shared. Check out the early Christian church governance -- everything was shared according to need.

Which of the two parties more closely approximates the Godly view, the Jesus view, the biblical view of government? This isn't hard.

If you are interested you can read more at Jesus and Politics and The Gospel and Government.

Also... by Mojo

Given that Jesus never mentioned abortion or homosexuality, when you look at the issues he did address (like economic inequality, immigration, health care) and his values (love your neighbor) -- goodness -- can anyone honestly doubt that Jesus was -- and is -- a liberal?

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