You're Gonna Have to Pay Taxes

- by Randy Simmons

If you want your church to be involved in politics, you're gonna have to pay taxes. Religion has no place in politics.

Comments for You're Gonna Have to Pay Taxes:

Christian Values Should Influence their Involvement? - by Gospel Politics

Interesting point about a "church" being involved in politics. but, maybe you'd agree the people of the church should be and if they are Christian, their Christian values should influence their involvement?

Christian Values are not Effective as a Legislative Tool - by Randy Simmons

Absolutely not. What about all the other countless religious viewpoints represented across this country? Christian values, as we have seen, are not effective as a legislative tool. Look at the most religious states in the south. Their teen pregnancy rate is almost double the national average.

Unchristian Values are Dominant now in American Religious Culture - by Gospel Politics

I'm with you Randy. If you check out the website, you'll see we oppose the kind of "religious" but we think unchristian values that are dominant now in American religious culture (the right wing).

True Christianity is about loving your neighbour more than yourself. Surely, that would be a value that would be good for society. Agree? If so, help us out by promoting

Everyone in a Church have Every Right to Use their Religious Beliefs - by Tom Rogers

Everyone in a church or of any believing sect have every right to use their religious beliefs to guide them in their political decisions, no matter how despicable I might think of their opinions.

But the church itself has no right to take tax-payer funds, money that is supposed to be used for the common good, and spread malicious political edicts to their congregants. That is not fair.

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