You're Missing the Point that Glenn is Talking About

By J. Nixon (Tyler, TX)

Social Justice in today's world means to force everyone to do what the "government" thinks is "good". Jesus taught that we should give to the poor of our own free will and choice, and not because someone forced everyone to, or voted into law a new government program to hurt the rich.

Glenn is actually 100% correct on this point. You should listen to the whole show, and not just the short clips. Then you would know and probably agree. Unless you're just a bunch of liberal progressives dressed up in "Christianity". If that's the case then you already know and are just perpetrating a fraud on the weak and uninformed.

Glenn spends a lot of time and money giving to the poor and encouraging others to do so as well. If someone forces you to give, then God cannot reward you for your generosity in heaven. Think about it...

Sorry, Don't Agree - by Admin

Sorry, I don't agree. I think, in America at least, we are the government. We are responsible for it. If we do not ensure it reflects Godly values then that is our fault. So, whether social justice is about personal, individual charity or community/government assistance to the poor and needy -- either way, it should be supported by Christians. And, either way, it is wrong to tell people to flee from churches that even mention social justice.

You can read more at an article I just wrote: the gospel and the government.

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